The Dark Water Edition

Dead Shores   Hashima   Wrecks

The DARK WATER Edition

One doesn't discover new lands
without consenting to lose sight
of the shore for a very long time.   -   A
ndre Gide (1869 - 1951)

"Dark Water" is an intense musical journey in three chapters, about the
disability of human mankind in subdueing the wilderness of the sea...
being a metaphor for the own subconcious mind.

It leads from the weakness of mans will in "Dead Shores",
through the remains of human desolation in "Hashima",
to the unevitable results of fighting the abandoned sea in "Wrecks".

All recordings were mastered & produced from April to October 2007
at the Laboratory of Aural Research, Dortmund (L.A.R.D.)

Each chapter comes on a single MCD in a unique design package
and will not be sold separately, making it a real collectors item.
The edition is available at

Overall running time: approx 72 minutes