„American Star“ (c) Friedrich Foeste

Dark Water Ed.   Dead Shores   Hashima


The Dark Water Edition - Movement 3

1. Fog   (8:34)
2. Drowned Giants   (15:32)

"Fog" created with additive synthesis, samples, sample & piano treatments.
"Drowned Giants" created with lapsteel guitar treatments originally recorded
2005 at The Crampfield / Lembeck and added electronic plankton.

The final chapter themes the end of the journey, when all dreams and
wishes are drowned and buried under a calmed sea. Everything remains
shrouded in "Fog", covering a melancholic and delusive impression of
freedom, while unknown ships howl in the distance. And beneath the sea
we´ll visit those "Drowned Giants" a last time, who have lost their last fight
and slowly disappear from reality...

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